Aspartame: Mundane Chemical Warfare

Donald Rumsfeld was heavily instrumental in making the toxin known as NutraSweet or aspartame available for public consumption. He was the President/CEO for G. D. Searle & Company during a time that he also worked with President Regan’s transition team. Searle, now owned by Monsanto/Pfizer, is a pharmaceutical preparation manufacturer that also focuses on agriculture […]

Is Public School an Option for Christians?

In this short essay, we consider education from a biblical perspective.  We examine the significance and nature of a Christian education, weigh its prescriptions against the government school description, and briefly field a few objections. Adiaphora? God’s word does not present the education of our covenant children as a secondary matter, nor its methods a […]

All Men and Politics Are Religious

So what? All may have a worldview but not all call themselves “religous.” What do worldviews have to do with religion? Simply that worldviews and religion share the essential quality which elicits the standard discountenance of mixing the latter with politics: the quality of being faith-based.

Calvin’s Contributions to Law in Christian Thought

John Calvin has contributed to Christian thought in several ways. Theologically, he has been considered the theologian of the Holy Spirit. Some consider various doctrinal foci his greatest contributions, topics as wide as Total Depravity and Election to Piety and Prayer. Others say that the Sovereignty of God consumes and marks his writing. For length constraints this shall paper shall focus on his contributions to one particular Christian doctrine not aforementioned. This writer thinks Calvin’s contributions to the subject of law are profound and underappreciated.

If the Foundations Be Destroyed, What Can the Righteous Do?

We agree that in the Mosaic Covenant God detailed political law for Israel, but we also recall that as WCF 19.4 teaches the general equity (or principles) of these laws are still binding “on any other [nation] now”. Again, the elephant in the room is that nations today are trampling on God’s standard of justice. And once again VanDrunen merely reminds us to “submit to civil magistrates and recognize them as a beneficial gift of God.”

Christian Ethics and the Relationship of Mosaic and Natural Law

While the Christian is faced with many ethical theories, Scripture only presents him with God’s law as the source of ethics. This law comes through the modes of written revelation and nature (creation and conscience). However, because man is fallen and is bent on suppressing that natural law he must be careful not to use natural law autonomously, and thus out of accord with Scripture.